Decentralized sports betting. Is here!

Where are building the next generation sports web3 betting platform, where your bets are 100% deposited on the "pot"

By buying our token you can earn by maximizing your bets & receive ADA from referrals!


about BettingAda ?

Betting in Open Public Blockchain

Have you ever used centralized betting sites? Where you pay high fees, have to thrust the values they tell you? Betting ADA is none of that!

All bets are public and verifiable
All token bet are distributed to winners
Odds are simple no magic algorihtm
Create your own bets for the world! *

How it works


Sporting Events

We provide the list of venues to come. Results are verified by a certified 3rd party


Bet with ADA

Use your ADA to bet, you only pay network fees!


Use BEAD Token

Your BEAD token can be use to bet, where 1 BeAd = 1 Ada. This saves you 50% on your bet!

Benefits for Token Holders



You can use them to bet. Cost 50% less but are valued 100% when in bet!

Bet 10 ADA + 10 BEAD = bet value of 20 ADA

You are saving 2.5 ADA!



When you buy BEAD you get BEAD Referral Tokens. When you get referred based on the amount of BEAD Referral Tokens you have get up to 50% of the buyer Ada direct in your wallet


BEAD Referral Token

Each time you are referenced by someone buying BEAD you get addicional BEAD Referral Token, and you can swap/sell those to anyone!


Hundred of matches

Bet on some of the major leagues and tournaments in the word! From Premier League to Brasil


Secure betting

Your identity is safe with us, no KYC, no login, your keys, your tokens


Several Profit

From betting to Referrals BettingADA is for you to make money!


Frequently Asked Questions

What bets can I place?

We provide bets for major soccer leagues from Europe, Brazil.

How do I bet?

Choose the match, Choose the result 1 (home win), X (tie) , 2 (visitor win). Add ADA and BEADs and that's it.

When can I get my winings?

Results are added to our Oracle in 1 to 48h. After that just use you Bet NFT to redeem your winings.

When do bets close?

Bets for matches close 1h before the start of the match.

Will more leagues be added?

Yes, we will add more leagues and you can suggest them.

Will you have more sports?

Yes we are planning to expand in 2024.

How can I lower betting cost?

by buying the token you can use it to lower your bets cost.

example: Bet 50 ADA + 50 BEAD = 100 ADA BET but total cost was 75 ADA

How can I make more ADA?

Each time you buy a bag of BEAD you'll get BEAD Refefral Token. For each one you have you'll get 1% of the ADA used to buy BEAD by your referrals up to 50%

Example: you have 50 BEAD Referral your friend buys 1000 ADA of BEAD using your Wallet Address as referral. You receive 500 ADA!!!

What Bags of BEAD are available to by

200 1000 5
400 2040 10
600 3090 15
800 4160 20
1000 5250 25
2000 10500 50